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FULL GLAM: Lightroom Mobile Preset Pack (5 presets)

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FULL GLAM: Lightroom Mobile Preset Pack (5 presets)

Gabi Fuller
194 ratings

OUR FAVORITE PRESET PACK YET! This pack was made with all different kinds of skin tones, lighting, and desired looks in mind. It was inspired by different makeup products and in reference to their specific effects. It is the go to preset pack for beginners because there is a preset for every type of picture in here.

Includes the 5 presets:

Foundation- a great starting point for all pictures. Provides a very clean, minimal look that is easily customizable to reach your desired preference.

Concealer- made for ALL skin tones, this brightens up the picture and gives the skin a beautiful golden glow with a smooth, anti grain finish.

Highlight-the PERFECT preset for low light, darker pictures. Takes a picture with awful lighting that looks like it can't be saved, and turns it into a beautiful picture that shines.  

Bronzer- transforms a very dull picture into a warm, sunkissed masterpiece by giving your skin a natural, beach bronzer look.

Blush-the perfect BLOGGER preset. Brightens up the picture with a clean, white look and gives it a slight blush (pink) tone. Also perfect for night/darker pictures. 

*If you don't receive an email with the download link, check your spam/junk folder. If it's still not there email with questions*



After purchasing, press the download button on the website straight from your phone. From there, feel free to leave us a rating :) then click the drop down arrow to the right of "Preset Pack" and under the example picture. The zip file will pop up in a new window. Then, click "More," choose "Add to Notes," and hit save in the top right. Open up your notes app, choose the note it just created, which should be labeled "Full" and then click the gray box showing the zip file. Click "Preview Content" and then all Adobe raw images will show up labeled as a gray screen and you will be able to slide over to view all 5. Starting with the first one click the bottom left arrow and choose "Save Image" (you can also copy to Lightroom from here, however the images will be scattered in the folder, so we suggest taking this extra step to make the process easier in the end), save all 5 raw images to your camera roll following this step. The pictures in your camera roll will appear as gray images. Then, open the Lightroom app, create a new album and import all 5 dng files to keep all of the presets in the same spot so you don't have to go searching for them. The pictures with the presets will finally show up. Individually click the pictures, then the three dots in the top right corner, then click "Create Preset" and name it. Repeat for all preset pictures. From there, click the picture you want to apply it to, slide the bottom menu all the way to the right, click presets, make sure it's showing the "User Presets" and click the preset you want to apply and there you go! After this is completed once, every picture can be edited in just one click!

Email with any questions.

DISCLAIMER: All purchases are final and no refunds are able to be made.

Make sure to tag me @gabifuller on instagram with your pictures so we can see them!


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